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Divert Calls from India Virtual Number
Good news!  If you are located outside India and have customers, affiliates, business partners or vendors in India, you can now provide them with a local (or virtual) phone numbers in Bangalore (+91 80), Chennai (+91 44), Delhi (+91 11), Hyderabad (+91 40), Mumbai (+91 22), Pune (+91 20) and more than a dozen other locations across India that will ring directly to your mobile phone or fixed landline  wherever in the world you care located.  

You can be located in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Europe, South Africa - or anywhere else in the world!  You can forward calls from your existing mobile provider in India to any international number so as to save on roaming fees.  Your “ring to” number (the number outside India on which you receive your calls from India virtual number) can be modified at any time via online account management.  You can change it to any number in the world that you wish.   

NEW virtual number locations available in India
We have recently increased our inventory of India virtual number.  Effective April 2018, we can now offer India virtual numbers in the following cities:

Ahmedabad                +91 79
Bangalore              +91 80
Bhopal                    +91 755
Bhubanesdwar       +91 674
Chandigrah              +91 172
Chennai              +91 44
Cochin              +91 484
Coimbatore              +91 422
Delhi              +91 11
Gurgaon              +91 124
Guwahati              +91 361
Hyderabad      +91 40
Indore              +91 731
Jaipur              +91 141
Jammu              +91 191
Kolkata              +91 33
Lucknow              +91 522
Mumbai              +91 22
Noida Ghaziabad        +91 120
Pune              +91 20
Trivandrum              +91 471

Virtual phone numbers across the Globe 
We offer one of the largest selections of local numbers worldwide.  In fact, we're one of the very few call forwarding service providers that is currently offers India virtual phone numbers in the marketplace.  In addition to India virtual phone numbers and India toll free numbers, we can offer toll free numbers and virtual numbers in more than 140 countries around the world.

Establish a business presence in major Indian cities such 
as Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune

Setting up a virtual phone number in India immediately allows you to establish a business presence in India without having a physical location.   The location of our virtual numbers give you access to a huge business market in India.  Bangalore, with a population of 4.3 million people, is better known as IT hub of India.  The largest commercial center in northern India, Delhi boasts a population of 11 million.  Mumbai, meanwhile, is a megacity of almost 13 million people - and one of the largest cities in India in terms of population, business, and trade activities

If your company or organization conducts business, trade, and/or commerce with associates in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere in India, our service will allow these clients to call you just as though they were making a local call as opposed to an international call.   We can help your business grow faster.   Furthermore, one of the benefits of having a regular city number is that the number is accessible from virtually any country in the world. 

Clients in India more likely to call a local number

It’s a simple fact that clients in India are more likely to dial a local number in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, or Mumbai as opposed to making an international telephone call (and thereby incurring IDD charges).   Having a local number in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai or Delhi not only gives you the presence in India, but it also indicates that you are serious about doing business.

Virtual phone numbers across the Globe 
We offer one of the largest selections of local numbers worldwide.  In fact, we're one of the very few call forwarding service providers that is currently offering India virtual phone numbers in the marketplace.  Whether you require a number in a local number in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai or anywhere else in the world, you can be certain to find a global call forwarding solution that enables you to have your calls forwarded from India.


How does Global Call Forwarding work?

It's simple.  When setting up your account, you select the city and city code of your local, or virtual number, in India.  For Bangalore you would use the pull-down menu from the order form to select "India - Bangalore (+91 80)".  For Chennai, you would select "India - Chennai (+91 44)."  For Delhi, you would select "India - Delhi (+91 11)."   For Mumbai, you would select either "India - Mumbai (+91 22)," and so forth."   When signing up, you will also be prompted to list the number outside India (the "ring to" number) on which you wish to receive your calls.

Once your account has been set up, your callers in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere in India dial your assigned virtual number - and are automatically connected to your fixed land line or mobile number wherever in the world you may be located.  You can divert your calls to any telephone number in the world when and as your circumstances require.  You can customize your settings and route calls anywhere in the world – when, where, and how you want it.

How is the Audio Quality? 
Our international call forwarding partner has 20+ plus years of experience has resulted in close partnerships with reputable service providers around the globe. Through this experience and by developing a proprietary service platform, we are able to provide the highest service quality and reliability to our customers.  You can expect excellent audio quality.  This  is a service it is an international call forwarding solution for those who demand reliability. 

We also offer 24/7 service support alongside an ever-evolving online service portal that gives our customers the power to manage their service lines and configure advanced features at the click of a button.   Many of are routes are completed over the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The PSTN is the network of the world's public circuit-switched telephone networks, which includes mobile as well as fixed line telephones. It is the world's collection of interconnected voice-oriented public telephone networks, both commercial and government owned. 

Manage "ring to" number online

You have complete control via online account management as to "where" your virtual number will ring.  You can easily change your "ring to" number via the web, 24/7.  You simply login your account and change the destination number to any other landline or mobile phone number - in real time. You can also configure your virtual phone number or toll free number to ring simultaneously as well as sequentially on as many numbers as you want. These numbers can be forwarded to office phones, home landlines, cell phones, and even satellite phones.

Forward calls from your current India mobile phone to 
an international number 
Forwarding calls from your current phone number, whether it is a mobile phone or a fixed land line, is simple.  Many of our customers travel internationally on a regular basis. They utilize our service as a "bridge" that allows them to forward calls from their cellular provider (whether Bharti Airtel, Vodafone India, Idea Cellular, Reliance Jio, BSNL Mobile or any other mobile provider in India) to their overseas international number/SIM while travelling abroad.  

How do they do this?  It's simple.  You simply forward calls from your existing India mobile number to the India virtual phone number that you purchase from us.   Our system, in turns, forwards calls from your India virtual number to the overseas international number.  When callers dial your existing India mobile number, the call is forwarded from the India virtual number and then to the destination number (or "ring to" number). There is no delay in call transfer, and the fact that you are outside India will not be detected by your caller.  In fact, we can even "disguise" the ring tone of your actual destination number so that it sounds like the double ring India ring tone.

How to divert calls from BSNL Mobile to an international number
Five Great Plans from which to Choose
We recognize that our clients have varying needs in terms of usage levels.  Some customers require a local or virtual number for contact purposes only - but do not anticipate significant usage in terms of incoming minutes on a monthly basis.  Other customers anticipate heavy volume coming into their local or virtual number, and seek to maximize savings.  We have created five different rate plans from which to choose, each of which is designed to meet the anticipated usage levels of our valued customers.

Popular Features
  RollOver Option - accumulate      

     unused plan minutes for future use

   Choose your own Toll Free or Local number from a list

   Voice Mail Option - voice messages sent to your email address 

   Time of Day Routing - redirect calls based on time of day to different numbers   

   Simultaneous Call Processing - accepts multiple calls with no busy signals 

   Customized Greeting - record a custom greeting free of charge

   Fax Forwarding - faxes automatically emailed to you as an image file 

   Local Ring Tones - control the ring tone your callers will hear with 40 choices

   Caller ID - Know what phone number is calling.    

   No fees for busy or incomplete calls


What does the caller pay?

Your callers in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai or elsewhere are responsible for local charges assessed by their local telecom provider for dialing your virtual phone number in India.  If your caller is calling from outside India, he/she will incur whatever charges their long distance provider assesses for making an international call to India. 


If you opt for getting a toll free number in India, the caller pays nothing since this call is toll free from anywhere in India. 


What does the account holder pay?

As the account holder, you pay the rate of forwarding the call from your India virtual phone number your "ring to" telephone number (your destination number wherever in the world you may be located.  Your rate depends on the plan (i.e., Basic, Value, Power, Premium or Enterprise) that you select (see below).  Your "ring to" number may be a fixed land line or a mobile phone, and you may change it to another number anywhere else in the world via online account management.  





Virtual numbers available in other countries as well

In addition to offering forwarding calls from India, we can also forward your calls via virtual numbers and toll free numbers in over 140 countries across the globe.  If you require an international call forwarding solution from other countries,  we can help.  Click here to view availability on a worldwide basis. 


Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service.  You can depend on individual attention from highly trained and qualified professionals.   



Please do not hesitate to contact us.  Just click here to fill out our contact form, and let us know any questions you may have re. international call forwarding from India or elsewhere in the world.



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