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What are Black and White Lists?

Black and White lists allow you to accept calls based on predetermined information. If your business wants to maintain the most automated, convenient, and efficient communication with your specific target market, custom lists can save time and effort by automatically prioritizing the calls that matter.

How do Black and White Lists Work?

Filtering incoming calls is made easy using our Black and White Lists feature. The free feature gives you the ability to accept (white list) or reject (black list) phone numbers based on their area code. You also have the option to customize the feature even further, for example, if you need to block specific phone numbers from being able to call you.

Black and White Lists for Your Business

Black and white lists can streamline your business’ efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Here’s how:

  • Automatic sorting of calls to ensure your phone staff is taking calls that have the potential to benefit your business.
  • Black list, or reject all calls coming from specific area codes and countries that you do not extend your services to. This prevents you from wasting time and money on calls that will not lead to productive business.
  • Black lists allow you to reject specific phone numbers that call with unwanted soliciting or spam and consume your monthly minutes.
  • White lists maximize the efficiency of both your monthly minutes and your call staff by only accepting calls from potential customers from specified area codes, locations, countries, etc.

Sort Your Calls Automatically

Every business should maximize their time and efforts. And, with the many advanced telecommunication tools that exist, it has never been easier to manage this.

Some businesses and individuals take advantage of this service to ensure calls from telemarketers are automatically filtered and prevented from getting through. In other situations, only calls from family members and friends are white listed, while all others can be set to black listed.

For example, in a business context, consider a business that would like to take incoming calls from the continental US. In setting up the service, they will allow you to white list all area codes within that zone, but black list all Hawaii and Alaska area codes. This ensures they are only receiving calls from potential customers in the continental US and none from areas that they cannot cater to. This preference gets automatically preset to ensure it all runs smoothly, while saving time and maximizing productivity.

How can I get and set up Black and White Lists with my Virtual Number?

The option to use black and white lists with your virtual numbers is available with at all times. While other companies charge extra for it, this feature is automatically included with your service. You can easily set up your black and white lists using the dashboard upon signing into your account. You can arrange your settings based on your needs.

Advantages of Black & White Lists

There are many advantages to using the Black and White Lists feature. Most notably is the efficiency it offers, which can lead to enhanced productivity and less time being spent on calls from locations/ numbers that are not useful for your business. Using your account management control panel, you can coordinate your settings easily. You can strategically select the area codes you want to open access to while blocking those you do not need to communicate with. Pointless calls not only waste the time of your phone staff, but also your monthly minutes when excessive time is spent on the phone. Automatic blocking of these calls gives your business time to focus on the calls that are truly important, saving time and money in various ways.

Another excellent aspect of the Black and White Lists feature is how much control it offers you to arrange how you take calls. Options are available that allow you to determine how you will accept incoming calls. You can also customize the forwarding options for all calls to be answered via specific numbers. If you choose, you can have all black listed calls automatically forwarded to voicemail, which prevents them from automatic attention from a receptionist or customer service representative. Black and White Lists keep your incoming calls organized and automatically filtered. This allows your company to maximize efficiency and productivity by focusing on the most important calls while reducing unnecessary expenditures.


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