customized greeting

Make a great first impression

Customer service is an important matter for any successful business and first impressions make a big impact on the retention of potential customers. A proper customized greeting gives your business a friendly, inviting personality that can be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

A customized greeting is a message that callers hear while they are being connected to your phone line. Whether your number is local or toll free, you can record any customized message to formally greet incoming callers. A simple and straight forward example gives your business’ name and reassures them that the call will be answered shortly:

"Thank you for calling ABC Software Development Please stay on the line while we connect your call to the first available representative.’

Utilizing the customized greeting feature gives you an edge over competitor companies that may only have a standard ringtone. Larger, more successful companies often have customized greetings to direct incoming calls to their proper departments . For example, "Please press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Technical Support," and so on. Customers will be much more receptive to a professional and courteous greeting that sets the tone for the rest of the call.


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