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What is SMS Forwarding?

SMS forwarding enables business subscribers to receive incoming texts from their customers in email format. The service feature helps businesses become more accessible to their customers by offering yet another way to be reached over the phone with greater efficiency.

How does SMS Forwarding Work?

SMS forwarding works by routing incoming text messages sent to virtual phone numbers to email addresses chosen by the subscribers. For example, SMS forwarding subscribers can get an SMS enabled virtual number to receive incoming texts from selected countries. Incoming SMS content is swiftly and conveniently forwarded in email format, with the sender’s caller ID and text message.

Here’s a Breakdown of How SMS Forwarding works: 

  1. Someone sends an SMS to an assigned virtual number
  2. The assigned number automatically sends the SMS to the email on file
  3. The SMS is then retrieved by the customer via email (the email address is chosen by the customer, and they can use up to 2 emails).

Benefits of SMS Forwarding:

  • Adds additional options for mobile communication with customers and clients
  • Our forwarding plan forwards incoming SMS messages to a predetermined email address chosen by the subscriber
  • SMS-enabled virtual numbers receive incoming texts from specific countries via email inbox
  • Stay current with mobile-friendly trends in regards to communication
  • Empower your clientele an additional option for which they can reach you
  • Because email is mobile, you can receive SMS correspondence from anywhere

How to Get SMS for Your Virtual Numbers? provides SMS forwarding for business and personal use and the service can be added to certain virtual numbers upon purchase. We offer the ability to manage the service online via the account dashboard, with the ability to view detailed account records. It is a highly user-friendly service and it enables you to open up a wide array of options for further communication.

Using Forwarding

Currently, customers can use their mobile service provider’s email to SMS gateway to forward SMS messages to mobile phones. The SMS gateways vary depending on your service provider, however, here are several examples:

SMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]
MMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]

SMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]
MMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]

SMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]
MMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]

SMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]
MMS gateway domain: [insert 10-digit number]

SMS Forwarding Packages

Some customers prefer texting over making a phone call or interacting with businesses face-to-face. You can provide an easy-to-reach mobile number to your customers with SMS forwarding. It is great especially for reservations and booking purposes, customer inquiries, and general feedback.

Subscribers can access all of their incoming SMS details through their online control panel. Gain access to SMS  details like time, day, and content by logging in here. SMS details can be used for record-keeping, or to gain information about your customers. We are constantly enhancing SMS forwarding as the technology continues to develop and will be adding more options to this service feature in the near future. offers different forwarding packages depending on the number of incoming SMS messages needed. Each package has a different number of included messages, and our plans range from a starter package to larger, more dynamic business packages. Once subscribers exceed a certain number of texts that are included in their packages, they are billed a nominal rate per incoming text message.

Countries in which SMS Forwarding is offered:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russian Federation
  • Sweden
  • Thailand
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
  • Vietnam

SMS Forwarding for Business

How can businesses benefit from a virtual SMS number? First, there is no longer a need to carry around two or more cell phones. Personal and business SMS texts can be sent from the same phone. Second, Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of having their personal phone numbers used in marketing materials and promotional items. However, once their business ramps up, it becomes impossible to tell communications apart. This can become very overwhelming very quickly. Using a separate business line helps organize and streamline the process.

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